Quintas homes are a firm supporter of Eco friendly designs and we ensure throughout the process of development, the long-term sustainable use of our homes minimises the carbon footprint on the environment.

We can advice you on a wide range of energy and therefore cost reducing measures. These include, reusable energy systems, green roofs, rain water harvesting, ground source heat pumps, solar power, lighting control systems and heat insulation.

During construction, where possible we specify materials sourced and manufactured from renewable sources, and operate responsible cost efficient waste management systems that further minimise costs and carbon emissions.

Greener Living

Specification Built to a high level of the Sustainable Homes standard, Quintas Homes raises the bar for environmental responsibility. Green roofs significantly reduce energy consumption, while lending natural beauty to each development.

Photo voltaic panels provide light for communal areas. Integrated recycling facilities, water saving features and energy recovery systems accommodate greener lifestyles. All of these features combine to reduce emissions by 20% compared to similar developments. This is truly modern living.